The Cardano Sister to Ethereum’s Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is the flagship meme token on Ethereum. ADA Shiba Inu, or A SHIB for short, is the 2.0 version of Shiba Inu built on Cardano, utilizing low gas fees and Cardano’s Extended UTXO model.



Current: Initial Token Sale

Following our tokenomics, 20% of our token is currently available for swapping as part of our public sale. Without dexs, the only way to get A SHIB is through our site.

Closing Burn

Our public sale will close when dexs such SundaeSwap and Minswap are live on Cardano. At this time we will burn a massive amount of our tokens dependent on the total sold for our public sale. An example: if only 20% of the tokens allocated for the public sale are sold, the remaining 80% of the public sale tokens are burned, and of the 800 billion tokens not allocated for the public sale, 80% of those will be burned as well. This is done to increase the value of tokens bought during our public sale.

DEX & CEX Listing

We plan to list A SHIB on DEXs and other CEXs. The date for this is TBD. Follow @SundaeSwap on twitter for more information on when their DEX will be live.

DAO Formation

We want to form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where community members can make proposals and platform changes that are funded from our DAO Treasury or Community Ideas token reserves

CNFT Marketplace

We aim to create our own CNFT marketplace that accepts ASHIB as payment, and/or integrate ASHIB as payment for other CNFT marketplaces and launches.



The total supply of A SHIB is 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. This is significantly less than Ethereum’s Shiba Inu which has 589 trillion tokens.

We have allocated a significant portion of our tokens to Community Ideas and our DAO Treasury. The idea is we can equip those both within our DAO and those in the community with the resources they need to accomplish community led ideas and initiatives. We are looking to you for your ideas and voice in how these reserves should best be utilized.

Public Sale20%
DAO Treasury15%
Community Ideas25%
CEX Listings10%

Recent News Articles

LA Wire


A SHIB will be officially the first shib token on the ADA network, and it is planning to hit the market in the coming months. A SHIB aims to be as successful, if not even more, as the flagship meme token on the Ethereum network.

Market Daily


It wasn’t too long ago that the Shiba Inu meme coin took over the Ethereum network and blew up in valuation. Many have tried to emulate the token’s success, but only some have thrived. Accordingly, one new token has been growing in momentum. It’s called A SHIB, and it has been branded as Shiba Inu’s sister.

US Reporter


For its initial token sale, A SHIB has made itself available for swapping. However, the token is yet to be included on Dex listings, which makes the presale only available through its website. Furthermore, the limited-time presale will provide early investors leverage as the token will be launching multiple NFT projects in the coming weeks.

Common FAQs

Who is the team behind ASHIB?

The team behind ASHIB has currently decided to remain anonymous. This has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the project, only our desire to let the project grow organically uninfluenced by the supporting team. We will say there are over 5 of us working hard to create a platform worth vouching for.

Should I buy ASHIB?

Probably not. We are a meme token on Cardano that aims to create a DAO with our own NFT marketplace and integrations into others. For most people, this means nothing. If this is an idea you like, by all means, exchange ADA for ASHIB and join the community! We look forward to hearing your ideas!

How can I get ASHIB?

Because DEXs are not currently live, the only place you can get ASHIB is through our website. Specifically, you can get ASHIB by sending ADA to the address specified on the exchange page.

Will you list ASHIB on a DEX?

Yes! The current plan is to continue our public sale through our exchange page until DEXs are live. At that point, we will use some of the ADA we have received through the public sale to create a ADA/ASHIB liquidity pair. Unfortunately we cannot give a timeline on when this will happen. Currently there are no live DEXs, and not set date on when any will be live. We encourage you to follow Sundae Swap Labs and Minswap Dex for more information on when DEXs are coming to Cardano.

Update on 11/28/2021: There are currently a few lives dexs, but none that are extremely user friendly. We are planning on waiting till SundaeSwap or Minswap are live before listing on a dex.

Do you have a Whitepaper?

We do not currently have a Whitepaper, but stay tuned as we plan on creating one soon!

    we want to hear from you, the community we are formed from

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    ASHIB is a project by Cardano enthusiasts for Cardano enthusiasts. Join our community and help shape our platform

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