Send ADA for ASHIB (min of 5 ada)

Exchanging FAQs

How does the exchange work?

At a simple level, you first select the number of ADA you want to exchange for ASHIB, click “Get ASHIB”, and then send the specified amount of ADA to: addr1qylqx6vk6x74d09vpwpe0n959eyzdqczy2c56nkds2929dfcttk57zjj7r5r48tyrcvue8z3awehqa2f7fnzd5zt8j2qn7v53d

This is the best way we know of to fairly distribute ASHIB.

At a technical level, we run our own Cardano relay node with DBSync, and monitor for incoming transactions. We batch transactions together, and send out ASHIB to all addresses who send ADA.

What is the exchange rate and will it ever change?

The exchange rate is 100,000 ASHIB for every 1 ADA. This will not change until we launch on a DEX at which point, the value of ASHIB will be out of our control, and left to the decision of the general populace.

How long will it take to receive my ASHIB?

You should receive your ASHIB within 10 minutes of sending your ADA. It may take longer depending on the congestion of the network. We ask that you be patient, but reach out to if you have been waiting longer than 1 hour.

What is your team doing with the ADA you receive?

The tokenomics and our roadmap govern the decisions we make with the ADA we receive. To stay up to date on the decisions we make as a community, join our discord, or follow our twitter.