How to Get ASHIB


Watch the video tutorial, or scroll down for a step by step walkthrough.


The guide below walks you through exchanging ADA for ASHIB

1) Download the Yoroi Wallet

For this tutorial, we will be using the very popular Yoroi wallet to store our ADA and ASHIB. It is important to note that in order to get ASHIB, you have to send ADA from a wallet who’s private keys you own. There are a number of other popular wallets that work including Daedalus, Nami, and Adalite. Do not send ADA from an exchange, or your ASHIB will be lost.

2) Create a Wallet

Creating a wallet with Yoroi is as easy as naming it, setting a spending password, writing down the mnemonic phrase, and entering it back in the correct order. It is extremely important you safely store your mnemonic phrase; whoever owns your mnemonic phrase has complete control over your wallet.

3) Fund Your Wallet

After creating your wallet, you can now fund it. Your wallet address is available under the receive tab. You may have multiple addresses under both the used and unused section. Any of these listed addresses both used and unused will work. Copy one, and send yourself the desired amount of ADA.

The minimum exchange amount for ASHIB is 5 ADA. If you want to exchange 5 ADA for ASHIB, make sure you send yourself at least 5.5 ADA to cover the gas fee.

Please note it may take a few minutes for your Yoroi wallet to sync with the blockchain, during this time if you send yourself ADA it may not immediately appear in your wallet. Please be patient, you can always used third party scanners to view the holdings of your wallet such as and

4) Enter the Exchange Amount

After funding your wallet, head to and enter the amount of ADA you want to exchange. For this example we will be exchanging 10 ADA for 1,000,000 ASHIB. The exchange rate is fixed at 1 ADA for 100,000 ASHIB.

During the current phase in our roadmap 20% of ASHIB is available to be exchanged for. The remaining amount not sold will be burned, as well as a corresponding amount of our other tokens. You can read more about our roadmap, burning, and our future plans here

5) Send the ADA

After entering the exchange amount and clicking Get ASHIB, the ASHIB faucet address will appear. Copy the address, and go back to your Yoroi wallet. Click on the send button and enter paste the ASHIB faucet address into the address section. Enter the exact amount of ADA you entered in the previous step for the exchange amount (you do not need to factor in gas fees, the Yoroi wallet does this automatically), and click continue. Enter your spending password and confirm the transaction.


6) Receive your ASHIB

After sending ADA to the ASHIB address, you will receive back 1.5 ADA and your ASHIB. You can see the last received address includes 1.5 ADA and 1 asset that is your ASHIB. To visualize the amount of ASHIB you can click on the transaction details, or scroll down to step 7.

7) Visualize your ASHIB

Because native tokens are so new to Cardano, without looking through your transactions, Yoroi does not offer an easy way to visualize your ASHIB. You can enter your receiving address into third party sites like and to more easily view the holdings of your wallet. The photo on the left is a photo of

Please note, if you use it will show you have 1 million times more ASHIB than you actually have, this is because does not account for decimal places. ASHIB has 6 decimal places.