Mint A Random ASHIB Elites NFT

Cost: 25 ADA
Supply: 560

Just click on the link below and you will be redirected to NMKR gateway. You have several options, you could connect your wallet and sign the transaction like a normal swap in dex. Or use “Send manually” where you just copy the address and send the right amount ADA to the address. Its easy!


These NFT’s are available:

Elites Blue (50)
Elites Red (50)
Elites Green (50)
Elites Indigo (50)
Elites Orange (50)
Elites Rose (50)
Elites White (50)
Elites Light Blue (50)
Elites Magenta (50)
Elites Yellow (50)
Elites Purple (50)

Elites Gold (10)


Minting is closed!
Buy at second market: