Mint A Random ASHIB Head CNFT

Cost: 12 ADA OR 400,000 ASHIB
Available: 1000/1000
Policy ID: f9d1bdf6dd7d641db6fc60e47547734de1003721d66390ab9737e9aa

Send exactly 12 ADA or 400,000 ASHIB to the address below and you will be sent back your CNFT. The Cardano network is extremely congested. You should receive your CNFT within 1 hour, but it may take up to 24 hours. Please be patient. It is important you send exactly 12 ADA or 400,000 ASHIB or you will not get your CNFT! Please note, every time you send native tokens such as ASHIB it will require you to also send about 1.4 ada. DO NOT SEND ADA OR ASHIB FROM AN EXCHANGE.

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